Do I need to Serve Notice : Loft Conversion

Do I Need to Serve Notice: Loft Conversion

We were recently asked the question ” My builder said that because I am carrying out a loft conversion under “permitted development” rights rather than having applied for Planning conversion I do not need to do anything regarding the party wall and my neighbour is that correct?”

In short – If you are Cutting into the party wall between you and your neighbour to install steel beams for your loft conversion then yes you are required by law ( The Party Wall Act etc 1996) to serve a notice on your neighbour advising them of the works you intend to carry out, and you need to do this at least 2 months prior to carrying out the works

Just because you may not need to apply for planning condition, does not give the right to cut into the fabric of your neighbours property without advising them of your intentions, so If you are intending to do any conversion works ensure that the required Party Wall Act requirements are being met, It could be a costly exercise to just go ahead and carry out works without the proper procedure being adhered to.

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